Ten significant places described in the novel Night:
  1. Execution Wall: Where Sad-eyed Angel was hung at the gallows.
  2. Hospital: Where the dentist worked.
  3. Kitchen: Where food was made for the prisoners. A man was shot trying to steal food during an air raid.
  4. Barracks: Where the prisoners slept.
  5. Registration Building: Where Jews received registered numbers.
  6. Gas Chamber: Where millions of Jews died, including Elie’s family.
  7. Entrance: Where selections by Dr. Mengele took place.
  8. Railroad: Where cattle cars transported the Jews from their towns to the concentration camps.
  9. To Birkenau: Where Birkenau (Auschwitz II) was located. Jews had to run from Birkenau to Auschwitz.
  10. Auschwitz I: Where Elie lived for three weeks.


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